Friday, July 18, 2014

Swim Lessons

We hit the jackpot when it came to swim lesson instructors this year at Salt City Splash

The weather? Not so much. For the first time in five years of having lessons, our mid-July lessons were rained out two of the eight days and temperatures were pretty chilly (both air and water) for about half of them. Who'da thunk?

Despite the cold weather and pool temps, our kids did great with another year of swim lessons!

I love how full-circle life can really be - and how the Splash staff is one big, happy family.

Mackie's preschool teacher was Kaylee, who I happened to meet for the first time when she a cute, curly-haired bundle of energy at 2 years old when I was a 15-year-old lifeguard at the old Carey Park pool (that later became the Splash). As you know, Kaylee and her family are dear friends of ours and she was also the flower girl in our wedding. You can say we pretty much gush over this girl and were thrilled when we found out she was teaching Mackie!

Then there's Miss Becky, who happened to be my first lifeguard instructor (again, at 15 years old). Her daughter, Jacque, and I were lifeguards and then later pool managers together. (side note: Jacque was also in my wedding, being one of my bridesmaids - see what I mean about one big pool family?!). Becky has years of aquatics experience as that was her career - and still is! - for several decades. We were also thrilled when we found out she was teaching the parent-toddler swim lessons! 

Mackie did great in her preschool lessons. Jack and I had to keep our distance, as we were more distracting close by and she spent too much of her time waving at us. She learned the beginning stages of the elementary back stroke and is getting more and more comfortable with trying and doing the back float and lying on the back to start movement. 

We are fortunate in having my parents' pool at our disposal. A few weeks ago, our little miss jumped off the diving board there (8 1/2 feet water) and swam without help to the ladder. We were hoping this would be the summer where she mastered this skills. A week later, though, she took it a few strokes further and jumped off the board and swam all the way to the shallow end of my parents' pool where she could touch, again unassisted. We were blown away! Very excited for my little fish and that she's learning skills to keep her safe and comfortable in the water.

Brax, meanwhile, will be our headstrong swimmer. He's not real comfortable in water when it's above his waist and is very temperamental. There are days when he'll jump in and want to work on his skills, and there will be other days when he basically tells us to forget about it. 

We learned some great skills to work on and help him improve his comfort in the water as we continue to go swimming this summer. He did enjoy gliding and slowly started to like jumping in and getting his head wet completely. We will keep working - and side note: huge thanks to Jack for going in the frigid water most days with Brax. We think (more like hope??) that Brax will be ready for preschool lessons next year, which means that for the first time in five summers, we will not be in the water with any children. Crazy!

Overall, I can't say enough great things about our swim lessons program at the Splash. Being a swim teamer, lifeguard, and pool manager, I can't stress enough how important it is to have children introduced to swimming concepts and the water at a very young age. It's just like reading and writing - a life skill they MUST learn!

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