Saturday, July 12, 2014

This Week at the Conkling Casa: Summer Bucket List

After three brutal weeks on the work front (first race to coordinate in the Hutch Rec Race Series, big-time Activity Guide deadline, plus the other day to day stuff and a Hutch Mag deadline thrown in there!), we ended on a high note.

What's not to love about working on our summer bucket list - especially when it involves fire houses and pancakes?!

About five years ago, a restaurant opened up in a renovated old fire station on West 4th Street, called the Firehouse Cafe. Jack had been a few times, but the kids and I had yet to experience it. 

We put it on our bucket list and our visit became a reality this week! The kids loved it. What's not to love about blueberry pancakes the size of a large dinner plate? Talk about a pancake coma!

This week daddy also kicked off his two-week stint as a manager at the Splash. They needed some help and he willingly filled in. That being said, the kidlets and I have been to Target twice this week - I haven't been to Target twice all month. ;)

Our trips involve special treats, like popcorn or letting Brax get out and walk with Mackie. We also take our time and peruse the toy aisles. Anything to kill time! I was frantically trying to find something and wrangle both kids when Mackie offered to take Brax to the "library." Thankfully little brother adores his big sis and almost obeys her better than mommy at times. (working on that!) A minute or so later, and I find them nestled up in the book aisle. Love my little readers!

It's been so nice this week to get back to a more normal routine - one that doesn't involve mommy guzzling a ton of coffee, working on a few hours of sleep, and long hours during the day. I finally crashed on Wednesday this week when the body told me it was overdue for rest....and that my family was paying the price for my busyness. 

That being said, we made the most of our Friday. It was a perfect mix of errands, togetherness, and pirate parties, of course. 

We capped off our week with the Titan 10K and one-mile race this morning! More on that in a later post....and Brax's potty training tales. I'm a few blogs behind here!

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