Sunday, August 31, 2014

Brax the Chatterbox

It's incredible to see how much Brax's speech has developed in just 11 short months. 

Last September, after our little man would not talk or make really any sounds at all, we officially signed on to services through our local Early Education Center. God blessed us with an incredible speech teacher, Miss Pam, who came to our house on a weekly basis to work with Brax and get him up to speed in the talking department. 

Little did I know just how much Brax lagged behind in the speech department until I was talking with Miss Pam at our wrap-up session. She said Brax was one of three most severe on her case load at the time of taking him on last September. 

Again, amazing what 11 short months will do!

Fast forward to today and Brax is a chatterbox just like his sister. He says long sentences. He asks questions. He sings to songs. He demands. He yells. He communicates! 

Last week Brax "graduated" from Early Ed's services with Miss Pam. He's completely caught up on speech and talks like most children his age. 

However, with the excitement of graduation came the good-byes from Miss Pam. She had become part of our family and we're going to oh-so miss her! Both Mackie and Brax ate her up (and she did the same to them!).

Miss Pam came for one last trip last week and Brax - for the first time in all of this sessions - didn't want to snuggle with her, get close to her, or play. He was mopey and sad. I'd like to say that he was weepy over her leaving, but I really think he was just in a bad mood. (we all were sad Miss Pam was leaving!)

Here are the best shots I got from their final session together. Seriously. I wish I had taken more pictures throughout the year! 

Thank you, Miss Pam and Early Ed, for the incredible work you did for our little man. We can't thank you enough - and praise God for the incredible people he put in our lives! 

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