Friday, August 29, 2014

Mackie's 5 Year Stats

Mackie had her 5-year appointment with Dr. Miller yesterday. Hard to believe, but she hasn't been a patient at the Clinic since LAST year's well-child appointment. Praise God for a healthy child this past year! (and here's to hoping no major sicknesses that land us in the Clinic this fall/winter/spring!).

Here's her stats:

Height: 46.5" tall (97th percentile)
Weight: 46 pounds (82nd percentile)
BMI: 44th percentile

Her stats show us what we already know - that she's long, lean, and full of muscle! She had to get two shots, too, but we're squared away for kindergarten next year. It just made sense to do them now, at her five-year appointment, rather than make a special appointment next summer before school starts.

We had a great morning of mommy-daughter time, complete with lunch at the Mustard Seed as a special treat for being so brave during those shots in the legs. Check out her 5-year interview above. She cracks me up!

Note: It appears that I've been posting a lot on the oldest child lately. Don't worry...I have some updates on Brax, too! He'll get face time in the next post. Promise.

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