Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mackie's 5th Birthday - The Family Party

Okay, after this post there will be no more Mackie 5th birthday party posts. Promise. Can you tell I love spoiling my family on their special days?!

Last week we hosted our families over for Mackie's special family party. We kept up with the Frozen theme and used the decorations from her friend party - the decorations that weren't messy and full of glitter and sparkles, as we are still cleaning up that mess from her first party more than three weeks ago!

I enjoy the family parties because we typically have everyone over for dinner. Keeping up with the Frozen theme, we served all things Frozen-related. I also tried to keep it a bit simple to keep costs down (it can be pricey when serving 25-30 hungry ones!), but also because I was working on limited hours of sleep being Salty Dog weekend. Mackie opted for meatball sandwiches (phew!), so I bought some store-bought frozen meatballs and made a quick and easy homemade BBQ sauce to go with them. The rest of the food was a cinch to do and come up with Frozen themes to go with them. 

And keeping with the simple theme, I decided (since she already had her friend party) that it was time to go for the awesome Kathie Girst cake for birthdays. I held out for years and made homemade cakes or cupcakes and this year....well this year I thought one birthday was enough for homemade cupcakes and the family party we would all benefit from having Kathie's tasty (and super cute!) cake! She does not disappoint....and we enjoyed leftovers for the mere day or two afterward. Her cakes seem to disappear in our house!

It was like Christmas for Mackie, as she was spoiled by her family. She received loads of cute Frozen attire (including an Elsa dress-up dress, tiara, globe wand, books and coloring books), crafts, rag dolls, Sophia the First goodies, new clothes for preschool, the list goes on and on. 

I've said this before, but we're finally getting to the stage with cousins where they can go outside or downstairs and play and do well mostly on their own. After eating, cake, and gifts, the crew of cousins went outside and then came indoors for some Pin the Nose on Olaf action.

Such a sweet birthday party and great memories!

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