Monday, August 4, 2014

Mackie's 5th Birthday: The Friend Party

When Mackie was a baby - nearing her first birthday - we decided that we would make her 5th birthday the first one for friends. We stole the idea from Jack's brother and sister-in-law. They're older, wiser, and decided to do this for each of their kids (and from afar, it looked like a great idea!). 

The day finally came for Mackie to host her very first friend birthday party! She chose a Frozen theme and mommy gleefully obliged (clear back in March). We started looking up ideas on Pinterest and I had a great time coming up with some simple decor (and not-so-simple when it's midnight the night before!) as well as designing the party invites. 

We had five very sweet, kind, and respectful kids over this past Saturday to celebrate. What a testament to their parents!

Our party included a photo booth with props....(the photo booth was a hit, by the way, and a great way to capture fun memories of the party crew!)

Pin the Nose on Olaf...

Snowball Toss...

Freeze Tag and other outdoor/indoor games...

And of course, homemade strawberry and vanilla cupcakes, complete with blue punch with floating snowballs (ice cream scoops) plus spinkled marshmallow snowballs on a stick.

Can you say sugar coma?

I kept the decor somewhat simple and did a mixture of existing Christmas decorations (sparkly stars and twirlers) as well as store-bought decorations. I printed up the cupcake toppers the night before real quick and then stuck toothpicks in them. For the photo booth props, I bought some foam sheets of paper and free-handed the various props, sticking them to kabob sticks. And my hidden artist, Jack, traced Olaf on a sheet of poster board and then colored him in. Color me impressed! 

I forgot to take pics of the treat bags, but I used foam snowflake stickers as the name plate, with clear plastic bags filled with random goodies that Mackie picked out herself: mini recorders, Frozen stickers, sucker and fruit snacks, twisty straw, and glow sticks. 

I'd call our first friend party a success! It was a great 90 minutes of fun and games - and we wouldn't be lying if we said it was a sigh of relief when all of the kids were picked up and the house was cleaned post-sugar and sparkles. :) 

More to come on our up and coming 5th birthday girl. We still have a family party and the actual birthday to get to first!

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Kristen said...

Happy birthday Mackie! What a fun party! I love all the games and the photo booth idea! Great job mama!