Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mama On The Run: I Chucked the Plan Out the Window

The last few weeks of running haven't been pleasant.

Scratch that. The last few months of running haven't been pleasant.

I can probably count the times on both hands that I've had a fun run where I wasn't beyond exhausted or felt like I was slugging along since doing the Hospital Hill Half Marathon and 5K that first part of June.

I didn't take time off from my routine post-race. Sure, I went on vacation, but I was on such a high for conquering the hills (and a low for a slow half-marathon time) that I dove right into running and working out in Colorado. I didn't really take a day off when I was vacation. Shoot, I was in the hotel gym the next morning to ride my bike and work out before being cooped up in a car for 10+ hours.

Man, was I dumb.

So yesterday, on a whim, I chucked my upcoming half-marathon and fall training schedule out the window. Doesn't sound like much, but for this type-A running mama, it's a big deal. I love a training schedule. I long to get the few weeks post-race or post-holiday running (where I usually run without a schedule in mind) over with, just so I can write out a new 8-, 10-, 12-week program, complete with color coordination and cute calendar stationary from Hobby Lobby. (yep, I'm a nerd like that)

It's not that I wasn't getting my mileage in for the Prairie Fire Half-Marathon on Oct. 12. It was the opposite - there were other workouts and cross training that I wanted to do (ride my bike, do a brick workout, more strength training), but felt my plan was getting in the way.

That, and it finally decided to feel like summer here these last three weeks of August. And our toddler son decided he wanted to wake up every other hour at night "just because" he's turning into an insomniac.

I'm still going to get my running in, but the simple thought of being free from a schedule has already lifted my spirits. I'm most likely going to add an extra day of cross training instead of pounding the pavement. I'm going to cut out some sugar in my diet and add even more fruits, veggies, and water. I'm going to be in bed at least 30 minutes before my bedtime (yes, I've had to set a bedtime on myself) so I can snooze away easier.

I'm looking forward to the day where I wake up excited to pound out a double-digit run or totally crush a tempo run - like the good ole days.

Except without the training schedule - at least for now. Type-A me will see how this goes!

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