Saturday, September 27, 2014

24 Hours Kid-Free

Every so often, it's nice to have 24 (or more!) hours kid-free.

The kidlets went to grandma /pa's house for the night. While they stayed up late, followed by Saturday morning cartoons and Mickey Mouse pancakes, Jack and I enjoyed a nice morning run together followed by a day trip to Manhattan.

We had a great time watching a complete Wildcat football game without entertaining little ones every two minutes... or taking a trip to the potty every 30 minutes...or getting asked a million times if it's time to go home yet.

We enjoyed eating what we wanted, when we wanted, followed by a leisurely stroll through Aggieville post-game.

24 hours is sometimes all you need to recharge the depleted batteries of parenthood.

Just remind me this in a few hours as we try to detox our kids from their weekend of fun, too. 

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