Friday, September 12, 2014

A Boy & His Sword

Who needs a lovie when you have a pirate sword?

These days Braxton Cade is rarely seen without some sort of pirate get-up or sword. The last time I counted, he has three different foam-soft swords and three wooden swords for a grand total of six swords. That's almost one per day of the week, folks. 

He takes one - two, if he's sneaky - with him wherever he goes, including the sitter's house, the State Fair, the car, the grocery store, church, any errand we name the place, and the kid has his sword in hand.

I see it as an accessory - one for any occasion!

I probably shouldn't let him take it to half the places we go to, but why not? He's only this little once, I keep telling myself (on so many other "issues" besides the pirate sword), and besides, it makes great memories and cute pictures. It's also a great conversation starter with strangers. The kid will talk anyone's head off about his beloved pirate swords.

Ahoy, matey!

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