Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kansas State Fair Fun

It's Kansas State Fair time around this neck of the woods!

And while most of Hutch will complain about the traffic and extra dirt/dust/debris in the air, I'm sure just as many love the "holiday" feeling the State Fair brings to our city. 

I have to admit - this was the first year since having the kidlets that our two trips so far haven't been enough. I want to go back - with or without them! Maybe it's because they're getting older and can do more and last longer. Maybe it's because the weather has been more pleasant (meaning: not 100 degrees!). Or maybe it's because I'm becoming a softie in my tired state of mind. 

Either way, we've had two great trips to the Fair so far! 

We went out on Saturday to do the walking around "stuff" - you know, go through the buildings and grab as much free stuff that we could (and that we wanted), look at the butter sculpture/pumpkin/watermelon, take a few trips through the birthing center and barn....you know, stuff that takes time when it's packed and you see someone you know and want to talk with every 30 seconds. 

We did this knowing that Monday (Dollar Day) would mean rides!

The tradition continued for grandma and papa to take the kids on the train. It's a win-win-win for everyone involved. The grandparents love spoiling their grandkids. Brax and Mackie love riding the train (especially for the kettle corn they throw out at you). Jack and I love the train ride because it's 10 minutes of uninterrupted time - this means a must-have trip to the Ambucs ice cream booth for a scoop of cookie dough ice cream in a homemade waffle cone (me), and a scoop of strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone (Jack). We try to eat as much as we can before the kidlets come back and steal the sugary goodness.

Brax got his first taste of rides last year, going on just a few while Mackie rode most of them. This year, though, they both had equal play time on the rides - most of them they rode together, which was nice for us!

Brax enjoyed all rides but one - the final roller coaster ride. As you can see from his face, he was a bit scared. Mackie was so sweet in trying to hold his hand and make him feel better. Jack tried to calm his fears each time they came by. The other parents had some good giggles and sympathetic looks for our scared little boy. And me? Well, I couldn't help but snap pics of him. Memories, right?!

Jack and I are definitely going one more time this week, maybe taking the kids, maybe not. Either way, we hope to get a trip on the ferris wheel in - and some more free stuff. Because the Fair only comes around one time a year!

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