Monday, September 22, 2014

We Survived! Another Race Season Down

We survived another Hutch Rec Race Series season in the Conkling house! On Sunday, we wrapped up the season with our 4th annual Run For the Rocks Half Marathon

There's nothing quite like making it to race day. Our executive committee kept saying over and over again as we went through every single detail (over and over again!) for weeks on end that we couldn't wait until race day. 

And on race day, you can't wait until you get to the Start Line. Because once the gun goes off, the race has begun and all of the crazy stress seems to just melt away. I joke that participants can't yell or complain or demand when they're out and about on the course. :) (Side note - this is mostly a joke - 95% of our participants ROCK and are huge supporters of our events. Like life, there's about 5% who make unnecessary demands and will never be happy, regardless of what you give them).

Through my job as a race coordinator and my personal running endeavors, I've met some pretty awesome people. Like Kelly, one of our RFR pacers from Kansas City who's actually a Buhler High grad and Hutch girl at heart. She makes me smile every time I see her. It's probably why I chose yellow as the pacer shirts this year - because of the ray of sunshine I get from her and her hubby, Mike (who also paces our event and is a hometown boy).

And my fellow running buddies like Derrick and Jess. Derrick comes to almost all of our running races and chose to run RFR on a whim - one week before he gets married and moves away! Jess and I try to run at least once a month together on Saturday mornings (or more, if we can swing it!) to pound the pavement and talk about life - faith, family, trials, and how our Mighty God is working in our lives. I can ramble off several other friends that I love seeing at our races like Ellen (who PR'd and I about started to cry as she crossed that finish line, knowing it was a huge goal of hers to finish under 1:50), and Kandy, who's a fellow running mama friend and had her sweet girls (and friends of Mackie's) at the finish line, cheering her on. The list of friends goes on and on. It's one big happy running reunion!

And I'd be remiss to say none of these races go down without the incredible support system at Hutch Rec and the community of Hutch, as well as my family and friends! It's a total team effort.

Sunday was bittersweet, as I passed the baton onto my partner in crime and fellow coordinator extraordinaire, Ted. God has blessed me with some new work opportunities at Hutch Rec - meaning some shifting around as Ted will be the main man in charge of the race series and I'll add business development to my marketing duties. I'll still be at the table on race meetings (I hope!) as I continue to help with the details, plan, market, etc. I just won't be "the" one barking orders on race day.

So here's to another successful HRRS season and to exciting new endeavors with Hutch Rec! We're already planning some pretty rockin' things for our 2015 Race Series and beyond. And maybe...just maybe....I'll be able to participate in Run for the Rocks as a runner one of these coming years. :)

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