Monday, October 13, 2014

Brax's Third Birthday Celebrations

As many of you know, I adore my children's birthdays. It's their one day just for them (usually spread out in a few different celebrations!). 

Brax wanted a Thomas the Train party this year. We kept the decorations and food pretty simple for our family crowd - mainly because we had been pretty hectic the last few weeks and I ran the half-marathon race that same morning (meaning: tired mommy!). A sweet mama friend gave me her leftover Thomas the Train decorations from her son's 3rd birthday party (who happens to be Brax's best buddy) and I threw together some other items on-hand for some train-themed fun.

I whipped up some soups for an easy supper and then we had homemade chocolate sheet cake cupcakes with strawberry ice cream, birthday boy's request. 

As always, the birthday child received some serious loot from family and friends! This year's stash included a Cars big boy bike with matching helmet, fishing pole, sleeping bag, Jake & the Never Land Pirates toys, Thomas the Train toys and train tracks, coloring books, and more! That doesn't even include his stash from sister, mama, and daddy.

Perhaps the favorite event of the two-day celebration included a birthday play date this morning with his best buddy, Jackson. That's all Brax could talk about for his birthday! The boys had a delightful morning playing trains, pirates, and eating chocolate cupcakes - what's not to love about dessert at 10 a.m.? 

Our birthday boy also opened up his presents from the three of us, including (more) Jake & the Never Land Pirates toys, Thomas puzzles, books, a new pair of Nikes to get us through the upcoming winter months (when shoes are mandatory!), and some new Jake undies. Never thought I'd get so excited to buy my kid new undies for his birthday. ;)

We capped off the day with a lunch at Carriage Crossing, naps, and a trip to Hastings to pick out a movie. What a fun, laid back day with the birthday boy!

Happy third birthday, Braxton Cade! Love you bunches and bunches, buddy. So glad you round out our family!

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