Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Braxton Cade - 3 Year Stats & An Interview

This kid. Those eyes. That ornery spirit.

He sure has his mommy wrapped around her fingers.

Braxton Cade turned 3 last week. And, being a journalism junkie, I just have to - have to - interview my kids each year. It's a sweet reminder of how far they've come in one year. Plus it could make some great material at their weddings some day, Lord willing.

Brax also capped off his birthday week with a visit to Dr. Miller. He's right on his growth curve and we praise God for the healthy boy He has given us.

Braxton Cade's Three-Year Stats:
Height: 39 inches (82%)
Weight: 35 pounds (79%)
BMI: 16 - for whatever that's worth?? (54%)

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