Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Phew - what a day! Halloween is an all-day celebration around here. 

It began with a fun preschool parade and party at Mackie's school. Guess how many Elsas there were?! :) 

Christ Care Preschool - 4-5 yr old class

The little brothers hung out while big sisters paraded around.

After we saw Mackie off, Brax and I went around town in his pirate gear. We stopped at my office to wish everyone a big ole "Argh, mateys!" before stopping by Starbucks. 

On a whim, the kidlets and I decided to surprise daddy at work during lunchtime. I threw (back) on Mackie's costume and we ended trick-or-treating with a few of the teachers. It was a hit!

Great grandma came by after naps. Both sets of grandparents came a few hours later for dinner (pumpkin-shaped pizzas) and to see us off to trick-or-treat in the 'hood.

A much happier pirate than last year!

As I wrote on my Facebook wall today, I understand that everyone has their different beliefs and opinions of Halloween. I don't do the gore and ugliness of it all. I certainly don't approve of the evil that's associated with it. I really don't go all out with the kidlets' costumes, mainly because I'm not the craftiest person nor do I feel it's necessary to drop a load on something for one night.

But I do love the fellowship that trick-or-treating brings about a community and neighborhood. I love the kid-friendliness of our neighborhood and how my sweeties can traipse around and see neighbors. It teaches them community, but more importantly manners and how to respect others beyond the walls of our home and that we're all looking out for each other. Most of the neighbors we see out and about throughout the year, but there are those few that we enjoy seeing on Halloween and chatting with them and catching up as they graciously allow our kids to scream "trick or treat!" and grab some candy.

Another Halloween down. Gosh I love my pirate, Queen Elsa, and their daddy!

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