Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mama on the Run: Our Beloved BOBs

I'm sure gonna miss this view.

This morning I took the kidlets out in the double BOB for a nice and easy run-walk to get rid of the taper week jitters. I'm doing Prairie Fire half marathon on Sunday. And amazingly enough, pushing 70+ pounds of kidlets forces me to take it slow and easy during race week, when muscles need to take it easy (but my mind can't quite cut off exercise completely). 

Outings these days in the double BOB are rare. Mackie is 5, and while she still meets the weight requirements, she's tall and not really fitting in our beloved jogging stroller. She tolerates it - shoot, she actually still enjoys it for the most part and loves being a mini mommy to her brother by her side. 

With each outing we take, I know it's one more closer to her BOB days being over. We have both a double and single BOB - and I love them both. But I'm partial to our jack-o-lantern orange double BOB Revolution that we found for a steal of a deal on Craig's List just a few months before Brax was born. It's been a part of our family because it has allowed us to keep exercising and staying fit as a family. 

I love the resistance training I get from pushing the poundage of my kidlets. I enjoy the giggles I hear along the way. The games of I-Spy we play. Looking at God's beautiful creation around us with my babes in the front seat. 

So don't mind me if I shed some tears when we (finally) decide to sell it to another fit family. The time is coming. But for now, I'm going to enjoy taking both of my babes for a spin as much as possible. And in the meantime, try to get our girl biking more on her own so she can be alongside us when we take Brax out in the single BOB outings. 

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