Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our Annual Round of Family Pics

Each year - after the hectic race coordinating season and before a crazy holiday season sets in - I purposely schedule our family pictures. It used to center around Mackie's birthday, then Brax's birthday, and then I decided (brilliantly, I think?!) to schedule them in between each child's birthday (September) so I can get my beloved annual child picture with time to still have the pics ready to start designing the Christmas cards. 

I've debated over the years of if we should or should not take pics for the year. But I go back to the fact that I love seeing my children's pictures each year and how they've grown up, I super love professional shots of the entire family, and I super duper love having some pics of Jack and I together in non-selfie mode. 

Our go-to gal is Jen with Fleur de Lis Photography in Hutch. Each year I'm amazed by her talent, her speed - she is the girl when it comes to snapping quick pics with squirmy kids, and how our kids totally eat her up. She's been snapping our pics since Mackie's first birthday, so the kids adore her. 

Here's a sneak peek at this year's pictures. She couldn't have picked a more perfect background with our purple-gray-khaki scheme I selected for the fam this year. (That's an entirely different blog post - the actual decision of trying to coordinate family outfits!)

Thank you, Jen, for sharing your talents with our family. I'm excited to see all of the beauties you took!

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