Monday, November 17, 2014

Let Basketball Season Begin!

I bid farewell to this hottie today (at 5:38 a.m. to be exact). I've lost him for the next 4 months. Not completely, but the Conkling household is now in full basketball mode.

Gone are the days of daddy being home at 4 p.m. or picking up the kidlets so I can stay a bit later and work in the office. Gone are our easy-going Saturday mornings with no real schedule or the availability to do quick weekend trips to places.

And that's okay!

Because now we get to look forward to basketball games. And going to practice for impromptu visits, which usually turns into Mackie obsessing over the girls' hair styles and shoes. And Brax obsessing over the full storage bin of basketballs. Now we get to watch daddy in his "element" - coaching. And cheer on the team, through the good, bad, and ugly (let's hope there's not much ugly!).

Ah.....there's nothing like it. Sure, it's tough being a basketball widow, (at times) single mom, and having a practice and game schedule dictate our plans for the weeks and months ahead.

But I get it. It helps that I love the sport. It's also fun to watch fellow Lady Crusaders in action as they carry on the rich tradition that Buhler basketball holds.

As soon as I step foot into Jim Baker Fieldhouse for that first home basketball game, I go back to the "good ole days." The smells, the sounds, the environment. There's nothing like basketball games on Tuesday and Friday nights in the dead of winter. Nothing.

Here's to a great 2014-15 Lady Crusader basketball season - for players, coaches, and the many families involved!

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