Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mama On The Run: Race Recap - Love Life Run 10K

It's always a treat to run a local race. Due to my race coordinating commitments throughout they year, I rarely get to race in my own hometown - so I'm always ecstatic to do so! This morning's local race was a fun one - Love Life Run 10K. I'm friends with the race coordinator - a sweet, fellow running mama - and the proceeds go to our community's Open Door Pregnancy Center, so it's a win-win all around.

We all took on the brutal north winds this morning for the race. The first 2 miles or so were tough going against the 20 mph wind, but Miles 3-5 were great running with it - I think provided some extra pep and push in the step! Of course as soon as we turned just after Mile 5 the wind gusts sucker punched me again, but at that point, the finish line was "only" 1.2 miles away. 

I went into the race hoping to finish between 48:30-50:00 and place in my age division like last year. Competitive, perhaps?! My PR is 48:49 and with a nagging hip pain and the cold, bitter winds, I was going to be thrilled with crossing under 50:00 and finishing strong. I didn't realize this until I came home, but I finished in the exact same time as my PR set earlier this year - 48:49. Now I'm wondering if I could have powered through and finished at least 1-2 seconds faster! (again, a wee bit competitive?!)

After the 10K came the 1-mile fun run with Mackie. She had so much fun with some fellow gal pals and it was great to loosen up the legs after the 10K. Of course it was still chilly and the winds picked up just at about the time we finished the 1-mile run. Side note: Running with little ones is a great short-circuit workout (start-stop, start-stop, start-stop, over and over again!). 

Thanks to a super speedy running mama friend winning the overall female title (who also happens to be in the same age division), I took the 1st place female age group award for the 30-34 division with a time of 48:49. I was 10th overall and 5th female to cross the finish line. I'm going to savor that age group award before my younger, super speedy friends catch up in age and take the podium - haha! :)

All in all, it was a great race, fun time with the family, and most importantly, a great time giggling with Mackie on the 1-mile race. I love love love running alongside my baby girl! Brax is now asking when he can run, so I'm sure in the coming months he'll be joining us! 

Here's to a few weeks of no training schedule before the full marathon training begins in December. Bring it on!

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