Saturday, December 13, 2014

Brax's First Trip to the Dentist

Turning three has brought some new experiences for Braxton Cade. First, his first visit to the eye doc. 

Then, the dentist.

Brax went to see Dr. Briscoe & Dr. Dosch for the first time this past week. He had our favorite hygienist, Miss Debbie (who also happens to be mom of one of my high school friends). Overall, he did very well. He interacted with Debbie and stayed still long enough for her to count his teeth (all 20 baby teeth are in there!), chose birthday cake toothpaste for his polishing, and whimpered just a bit at the very end when she put his "vitamins" (AKA flouride) on. 

Dr. Dosch tells us that braces are pretty much a certainty. Brax has quite the overbite and some crowding - did you know that cute, straight baby smiles aren't a good sign when it comes to how the adult teeth will later come in? I guess gaps are the way you want to go when you tell your kidlets how to get their teeth in. ;)

But, on the flip side, the overall health of his teeth is fine and he has no cavities. Here's to starting the orthodontics savings plan now, that will be without a doubt be doubled with big sis in the mix, too.

The best part of any dentist's visit is a trip to the treasure chest. I'm pretty certain it's the same treasure chest that Dr. Briscoe had when I was Brax's age. Brax chose a large bouncy ball and gleefully ran off with the ball and a coupon for a free "Old MacDonald's cheesebooger" (can you tell my kids don't do a lot of fast food?) in tow.

Here's to healthy smiles and a great first trip to the dentist!

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