Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Spirit: Christmas Day Celebrations

Christmas morning came - and not as early as we had expected! Jack and I actually woke up before the kids, but they quickly followed as soon as Brax heard my quiet footsteps in the kitchen as I prepared to bake our traditional cinnamon rolls. That kid and food.... ;)

We kicked off our Christmas morning celebration with time in God's Word. We read our final two Scripture passages from the Jesse Tree and each child hung an ornament on the tree. It was great time of reading, prayer, and reflection of the amazing gift God gave us through His Son, Jesus!

We then settled in to opening gifts from each other....

This year, each child went shopping for the other for one gift. Brax picked out a set of Frozen puzzles for Mackie, while Mackie picked out a set of Thomas the Train bath toys for Brax. They both loved them and it was oh-so cute watching them hug one another in deep appreciation.

I really admired my kidlets' hearts this year as they opened gifts. They were kind, considerate, and beyond thankful for the gifts that we had given them. Each time they opened one they both became very excited and filled with hugs, kisses, and thank-you's for mommy and daddy. 

Mackie's big gift from us was her own point-and-shoot digital camera in a beautiful purple color. She always loves taking our phones to shoot some pictures and this way she has her own camera with a memory card that allows her to take as many pics/videos as she wants! She also received a Frozen Elsa backpack filled with various arts and crafts activities to keep her busy during basketball games, a CD of her favorite worship music, BOB books, a few clothes and necklaces, and other various Frozen and princess items that every 5-yr-old girl loves. 

Brax's big gift from us was a big and noisy John Deere tractor. He was mesmerized and so excited! He also received a Thomas backpack filled with art supplies, Lincoln Logs, books, Planes on DVD (we have to keep growing our boy stash of DVDs!), and some other little treasures that 3-yr-old boys love. 

After a few hours at home, we went a few miles to my folks' house, where we spent the day in our jammies, opening gifts, laughing, eating (a lot!), and lounging with my parents and brother. We didn't get out of our comfy clothes all day - it was pure bliss and the way we love celebrating Christmas. 

Perhaps the most favorite gift that both of them opened was an old-school Snoopy Sno-Cone machine, just like my brother and I had at the same age as Mackie and Brax. We were all spoiled by grandma and grandpa - our living room is still cluttered with the awesome gifts they blessed us with.

Mackie received a Frozen Elsa skating doll, loom kits, a Frozen wall calendar, boots, DVDs, and so much more! Brax, meanwhile, received an Elefun game, Nike and K-State clothes (very cute, by the way!), snow boots (he loves them and will wear them 24-7 if we let him, even though there isn't any snow on the ground!), Thomas DVD, books, and more!

We're celebrating with Jack's family tomorrow - stay tuned!

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