Sunday, December 28, 2014

Looking Back, Forging Ahead: Bring on 2015!

I love this time of year. And it's not because I'm on vacation the last two weeks of the year as we celebrate both Christmas and New Year's holidays (though that does help!).

It's because I'm on vacation and have time. Time to just be still. Time to think. Time to dream. Time to plan out the future - and know that it's ultimately not in my hands, but God's hands and that all glory goes to Him.

We're saying good-bye to 2014. I've got to admit that I have loved this past year in pretty much every area of my life. Yes, there's always that ultimate goal of pressing on, surging ahead, and jumping over the hurdles and roadblocks of life that always seem to creep up (or linger on). But overall I fell more in love with my husband, have had a great time with the new stages in life the kids are in, truly loved my work and its continuing challenges, enjoyed spending time with family and friends - new and old, embarking on new and old running adventures, and getting involved in a different way through our church - college ministry (which we both love!).

But as I said, there's always room for improvement. Room for deeper growth.

Dig Deep.

That's my mantra as we head into 2015. Digging deep will allow me to:
  • Open up my Bible each day with a purpose and focus - not just on a whim, for a few minutes, check-marking off the Psalm, Proverbs, or random book I chose for the week. 
  • Adjust the schedule as needed to accommodate my family, the college crew, friends, and other life events that creep up or take up "my" precious time.
  • Shut off social media and technology to have unplugged - and a more meaningful relationship! - with my kidlets and hubs. "Sacrificing" (I use this term loosely because I'm ashamed that it's even come to the point that it seems like a sacrifice!) the phone or computer to spend the evenings with my family at home.
  • Better organize and clean my home and office. (shocking, I know, coming from this type-A mama - but I've slacked off in the organization and cleaning department this year - and the desire to do it!)
  • Run 1, 5, 10, shoot even 20 more miles when it's bitter cold, snowing, windy, or any other winter element that I face as I keep treading along for Marathon #4 training
  • Focus in and set realistic goals for the various running races I hope to do this year (more on my running goals in a later post!). 
  • Be more mindful of my sugar intake. Return my focus back to wholesome, real food instead of the junk I've allowed my body to splurge on these last few (or several - who am I kidding?!) weeks of the holiday season. 
  • Protect my body through strength training, yoga, and other cross training.
  • Protect my mind instead of it wasting away in front of mindless television.
  • Turn off the television and crack open a book before bed. It will help get back to the 8-9 hours of sleep my body truly needs to function at its highest capability.
  • Think commitments through rather than jumping in and saying yes, then regretting it later.
  • Open our home up to family, friends, and ministry opportunities - dinners, coffee dates, Bible studies, casual get-togethers, etc.
  • Re-think our family finances and what's really want vs. need. Re-structuring our monthly and yearly budget as a result of this change in mindset.
So there you have it. Time to dig deep. Dream big. And give God all the glory!

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