Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Yes, I've already posted about Christmas, but I'd be remiss if I didn't post about the great Thanksgiving holidays we celebrated last week!

We kicked off Thanksgiving Day with the family-favorite (and friendly!) 5K in the Spyglass/Prairie Dunes neighborhoods. It wasn't as cold as last year, but still a bit chilly for the kidlets. It was all fun and games until about Mile 2. At that point, Mackie already had been in (and out) of the stroller a few times. We told her there was one more mile, so naturally she got out and was excited to run - until about Mile 2.75. She then proceeded to cry and complain it was too cold and would not move. Little bro almost passed her at the finish because she was pouting and too sad to see her medal. Oh the drama!

We then headed out to lunch/dinner at my aunt's house in Haven. Brax, of course, fell asleep before we even arrived - but he bounced back quickly as soon as he smelled the food. :)

The following day - Friday - we headed out to Jack's parent's house in Partridge with the Conkling/Wylie/Crowe clan. I didn't really even have time for pictures! It was a beautiful day and the cousins all played outside while we were able to catch up with the adults. Jack and his brother had a nice little outing (involving some gun shooting) while we women held down the fort.

We had a great weekend, filled with family, food, and fellowship! But of course the long holiday weekend went too fast. Now we're looking forward to Christmas break and making our family to-do list while we're all four home for two weeks. I love this time of year!

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