Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Vacation, Conkling Style

Today is bittersweet. It marks our final day of a two-week family vacation. Yep, for two weeks we've been together pretty much all day, every day.

These last few years I've saved back a good handful of vacation days so I can enjoy the same two-week Christmas vacation that Jack gets off from school. I love it. For two weeks we not only celebrate Christmas and New Year's and all of the fun holiday traditions and celebrations that those holidays bring, but we also get to be "just" a family. A family of four with (almost) no agenda or schedule - but one fun list of items we all want to do together.

We kicked off Christmas vacation with a trip to the Cosmosphere. It had been a few years since we visited - it was actually Brax's first time there - and the kiddos loved it! Brax and Mackie gleefully shouted and ran around to see all of the "aliens" (aka: astronauts). Their favorite part was looking at the bags used by the astronauts to go potty. ;)

Also on our list was a trip to one great breakfast joint, the Firehouse Cafe. We bundled up on a bitter cold New Year's Eve morning and took them out for pancakes and bacon. What's not to love? The pancakes are huge - HUGE! And despite the cook's attempt to split the pancake (it still equaled a good 2-3 pancakes), Mackie polished off her plate, two pieces of bacon, and finished what Brax couldn't stomach down. Seriously, I wish I had that girl's metabolism.

We also had family movie nights, played several board games almost every day, and had fun little treats that we normally don't do on a regular basis like later bedtimes, shorter naps, brownies and grape juice at 9 p.m. (for New Year's Eve), cupcake and pet store dates with daddy, bubble bath games, and more. 

Jack and I had a mission to make this year's break purposeful and our time together to be precious and sweet memories in the making. I think we did just that. While we're thankful for the two weeks together and look forward to getting back to a "normal" routine, we're all a bit sad that the time is coming to an end.

Until the next vacation!

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