Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our Whirlwind Life These Last Two Weeks

Where do I even begin? It's a hectic time around the Conkling casa....and February only picks up in speed. (There's a reason why February is the shortest month!)

Here's a snippet of what we've been up to these last two weeks:

1. Basketball....lots and lots of basketball!
From beating rival McPherson (14 years in the making!) to losing a heartbreaking semi-final Haven Tournament game vs. Goddard to bouncing back and winning 3rd place in the same tournament, we've been on the basketball scene a lot lately. The kids and I have taken a few road trips to catch the girls and watch daddy assistant coach. They're currently 11-2 and looking for a strong finish to the season!

2. Soaking up every bit of sunshine that we can.
The last 10-14 days has brought unseasonably warm weather for the most part. A few days even brought temps into the 70s! Let's see if that happens again in April, or will we be seeing snow and ice? You never know in Kansas.

3. Wrapping up Lil Dribblers.
Mackie had her final Lil Dribblers game at the Sports Arena last weekend. More pics and videos on that one to come in a later post.

4. Running. Lots and lots of running.
Marathon training continues for OKC Marathon. Last weekend I did a 12-mile training run and also wrapped up a Holiday Challenge with Coach Jenny that I was once again a part of this holiday season. I even received some mail from Coach J this week. Starstruck!

5. Tooth Fairy visits!
After several weeks of a very loose tooth, Mackers lost her first one last weekend. She has two permanent teeth right behind the front bottom ones so it was time for it to come out. Jack is our official tooth puller in the house. I'll do vomit, I'll do blood, I'll do snot and other bodily fluids. But pulling teeth creeps me out. The Tooth Fairy's going rate in our house is going to be gold dollars. Mackie received two of them for her first tooth.

6. Work trips, conferences, and voting.
This past week has definitely been the busiest of the year to date. I had a work conference in Topeka where I helped present marketing tips to recreational professionals. I spent a total 26 hours in Topeka before heading home to make it back in time for an all-day Leadership Reno County session. Squeezed in there was voting for Buhler's bond issue (it passed!) and grandmas taking over mommy duties, capped off by three days of traveling to Haven for basketball tournament.

Phew! I'm exhausted just thinking about the fun we've had. Better take a nap, as these next three weeks with work are going to be a kicker. Bring on marketing the spring and summer line-up!

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