Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Heart Day!

I love Valentine's Day. Mainly because it's another day to share love with family and friends.

I'm finding out that as the kidlets get into school, Valentine's Day turns into a multiple day celebration, filled with (lots) of sugar, (lots) of treats, and (lots) of patience as my 5 yr old painstakingly took forever to write her name on 13 Valentine cards. Next year we'll need to start in January just to get through her 20-plus person kindergarten class!

As usual, we kept Valentine's Day and its festivities pretty simple. Brax kicked off the week with a cute little party in his Wee Wigglers class, followed by Mackie's class party yesterday. Brax and I had a mommy-son date at Starbucks while sis celebrated her half-birthday consuming far too much sugar and going a million miles a minute. How do preschool teachers do it?! She sweetly gave me her Valentine after class - "Mommy, I love you because you're a good cooker." (see pic below) I love being my family's good cooker, even when it means using bad grammar. ;)

This morning we woke up to the sun shining (meaning: kids slept in past 6:30 a.m.!) and we gifted them with Valentine's boxes. Again, we keep it simple and a give them a little something to brighten their day and make it fun. This year it was the "Tangled" DVD for Mackie; the "Planes: Fire & Rescue" for Brax; and they both received some stickers, pencils, and glow sticks. It's the little things, folks. 

Jack and I, meanwhile, were able to score a rare date day in Wichita, complete with a trip to Jason's Deli for lunch (their salad bar is amazing!), plus stops at the Donut Whole (it's really dessert and their almond Americanos rock!), Hannah Banana to find the kidlets' Easter outfits, Gander Mountain (for the manly man), and a few other stops in between.

Perhaps the sweetest surprise, though, was finding out hubs had joined the girly world of Pinterest to plan my Valentine's Day "gift." He created a slideshow memory game, showing me pictures on his laptop and I had to guess what "first" it was in our relationship. He had the first kiss, first dance, first date, first time to meet the family, first diamond (haha!), and so many more! It was a great trip down memory lane and it beats chocolate or flowers any day. I love that creative spirit in my husband. What a guy!

We wish you a day of love and remember, we love....because He first loved us!

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