Monday, February 16, 2015

Mama On The Run: Putting the Spring Back in My Step

We're on Week #11 of marathon training and I can finally say that the mojo is coming back!

After pouting and having a running pity party these last several weeks, I had enough. As you saw in my last post, it was time to suck it up, dig deep, and move on. 

It wasn't until a week ago Monday that I had the best run of 2015. And it just so happened it was my slowest. We had another unseasonably warm February afternoon and I had just registered hubs, myself, and the kidlets for our annual family-favorite race, the Easter Sun Run. Jack and I race the 10K and then pick up the kids for the 2-mile run. Last year Mackie ran the 2 miles while Brax cruised in the BOB, getting out the last 100 yards or so to finish strong. 

This year, as I was telling Mackie about the 2-mile race again, she asked if we could go practice so she could do better than last year. 

Why, of course, my mini me!

We packed up the BOB post-nap and headed out the door.....

We talked about running our best and glorifying God in all that we did, regardless of the outcome. She wanted to run the entire 2 miles without stopping. I told her if she really wanted to do that, then we needed to practice pacing. That led to an entire discussion (5 yr old style) about taking our time and making sure we didn't use all of our energy up at the very beginning. 

The little miss blew me away! A half-mile in, and I asked if she wanted to stop and walk. 

"No, mama, let's keep going!"

A mile in, and I asked again.

"No, mama, this pace is great!"

I did this at least four more times between miles 1 and 2. Pretty soon, we were at Mile 2 and she hadn't stopped. 

"Mom - I could do another mile!"

Nope, my dear. Let's take our time. You're 5, and while I love that you love running, I want you to keep that love of this great lifetime sport. 

So what did she do instead?

She grabbed her brother's hand and ran the last .1 mile, gleefully giggling and letting him touch our mailbox (aka: finish line) first so he could win the race. 

How could you NOT love that run?!

Fast forward a week later, and an inch or two of snow is on the ground, wind and air temp is moderate (considering it's mid-February), and I just hit the snooze button so I could enjoy a run in the sunshine and snow while the little miss was at preschool. 

I fell flat as a pancake about 2.5 miles in, but I didn't care. (Thank goodness my Athleta tights held up and there were no rips in them!) 

Like Mackie last week, I was a giddy little girl, gleefully tromping through the snow. A man shoveling snow asked me if I was having fun. I shouted "Yeah!" and actually meant it. 

Thank you, Lord, for these "unusual" moments that put some spring back in my step. To you be the glory!

I'm off this Presidents' Day - it's a rare treat. And while I have a work to-do list a mile long, I'm going to instead spend more of my day snuggling with my kids, play board games, and do a "check-in" of my 2015 goals and vision. It's all about being purposeful.....and the work can wait (at least until the kidlets are in bed tonight!).

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