Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2014-15 Conkling Family Stats - As We Head Into State....

Many of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook know that I have had some fun this season "journaling" our game-time adventures while following the Lady Crusaders. 

Here's a look back at our game-to-game action, stats included:

Game #1: At Hesston - the one where Mackie could finally wear her new Buhler maroon hair bow and Brax tried to run onto the floor during warm-ups. 

Game #2: The one at Goddard. Where we decided last-minute to take a little road trip. 

Game #3: The first home game. 

Game #4: Our first game night at home - listening to the radio while enjoying fast food (a treat in our house!).

Game #5: The one where we walked grandma out on the floor for Hall of Fame night.

Game 6 & 7: Not sure which one is which, but instead of going to one of these games, we hired a babysitter to watch the kidlets while Jack and I went to scout. Hot date night at its finest. (And I'm really fighting off the type-A urge to look back and figure out which game goes to what post!)

Game #8: The one where we FINALLY beat McPherson after a 14-year drought. (side note: It had been so long, I was on the basketball team when we had last beaten Mac, in the 2001 state 3rd place game my senior season).

Game #9: The one where mama caved and let the kidlets eat pizza because she had been away for a few days and didn't have time to pack a healthy meal.

Game #10: The long road trip to Mulvane, where we made it in time for the 2nd quarter.

Game #11: The one where we made it to half-time and the rest of the game only took 30 minutes. But on the bright side, Brax played the drums.

Game #12: The game where it was tough to watch - a tough, tough loss against Goddard at Haven Tourney.

Game #13: The game where the girls took 3rd place in the Haven Tourney and the kidlets were thrilled to eat out at Carriage Crossing afterward. They look forward to this tournament all season!

Game #14: A game that's gone missing. And I'm too tired to search for it.

Game #15: Another road trip that we couldn't attend, so we managed to eat fast food (again!) and listen in on the radio.

Game #16: The game where we ate chicken and noodles before the game. 

Game #17: Another road trip that we couldn't that resulted in an early bed time due to the crankies while listening to the game!

Game #18: The road trip where mama ran 16 miles that morning and had cramps in her calves while driving through rush hour traffic through Wichita and Derby. 

Game #19: The last home game. 

Game #20: The last regular season game. A tough loss at McPherson, where the only reason I didn't yell and break out crazy mama was because a long-time friend came along and I was talking to her throughout the game. 

Game #21: The game where we took an impromptu road trip to Hays to catch some sub-state action.

Game #22: The one where we BEAT MAC (again!) to become sub-state CHAMPS and head to STATE! The game that every basketball family dreams of....a chance to play another day. The game that led to another game....#23 (and hopefully a #24 & #25!).

It's been one fun ride. Here's to Game #23 on Thursday at State!

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