Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break, Conkling Style

We kicked off Spring Break week with a massive to-do list....

And as you can see, a few items were checked off with several remaining. Jack was a rock-star hubs, daddy, gardener, landscaper, babysitter, and much more as I had a normal work week.

Instead of becoming a slave to our to-do list, we tossed it aside and enjoyed each day together, as a family.

There was a special mom-daughter date to Cinderella.

There was some mommy alone time getting spring highlights. (Not to mention 2, 20-mile runs in there!)

There was a lot of playing outside. A LOT! We were blessed with great weather (overall) and spent most days soaking up the sunshine.

We went skating with our church friends.

And practiced reading and writing for kindergarten.

We celebrated Papa Jimmy's birthday with a special dinner at the Airport. An added bonus: helicopters taking off post-dinner!

We ended spring break by jumping off the brick wall outdoors into big sister's arms. Too bad sis weighs close to Brax and couldn't hold on. They ended up bruised, scraped, and in the prickly bushes.

What a great week to refresh our family time after a basketball-filled and hectic March. 

Now back to reality - and conquering that never-ending to-do list!

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