Friday, March 6, 2015

"THE" Run!

I finally had it. 

The run. You know the run! The restorative, hello-spring, good-bye gray skies, do a little dance, kinda run. 

I've been waiting for one of these in 2015. 

And it finally came - on a sunshine-filled Friday morning where 18 miles were on the schedule. 


You all know my woes and pity parties that I've been having lately in the running department. Not cool. And so unlike me. It's been humbling, convicting, frustrating, and flat-out annoying and unacceptable - all in one. 

Today's 18-miler gave me a confidence boost heading into a tough four weeks of OKC marathon training, as the super-tough miles are now here. 

I'm convinced doing these helped me as I headed into today's run:
  • Fuel up before: I ate a mild, but give-me-some-energy light breakfast about 30 minutes pre-run. (whole wheat pancake, banana, and coffee - the coffee gave me energy for miles!)
  • Fuel up during: At my home pit stops, I ate and drank. A NUUN drink, water, and half-Larabar at Mile 11.5, and some more NUUN and water plus the remaining Larabar at Mile 15. 
  • Started out slow to maintain a doable pace. I had been starting out too fast the last several longer runs. This caused me to get frustrated and the body felt like it was breaking down as soon as Mile 5 in a long run, causing me to hurt, walk more than I wanted to, and pout. 
  • Took walk breaks, but not as many. I credit to keeping an even 9:20-9:45 pace the entire run! 
  • Chunk out the run: Ran 11.5 on my own before picking up Jack and Brax (in the BOB) for about 3.5 more miles before finishing up the last 3 on my own (feeling strong, by the way!). Side note: Jack took a personal half day before taking off to sub-state so I could run and he could hang out with the kids. What.a.GUY!
  • Wearing compression calf sleeves. Helps the blood flow and doesn't add any bulkiness. 
  • Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! Started in the upper 20s and little wind by the time I started, and started peeling and/or changing layers throughout the run. The last two miles were run in a short-sleeve tech tee - pure bliss! (I realize you can't control the weather, but the sun sure put a spring in my step!)
I'd love to feel this good in my next two 20-milers, but we'll see. I know the last one will be broken up and that's ok. This is the run I needed to get to that starting line in OKC in six short weeks!

Thanks for putting up with my pouty posts these last several weeks. Goodness gracious! 

Our extended forecast looks sunny and spring-like warm this next week. I hope all of my friends in these parts of Kansas get out and enjoy it! 

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