Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mama on the Run: Standing at a New Starting Line

Today, I ran.

Tomorrow, I was "supposed to" run Marathon #4 and take on 26.2 miles in OKC. Yet today, I ran 2.62 slow, steady, and sweaty miles and felt free.

I'm standing at a new start line. 

These words came from a fellow running mama who's endured her own health battles these last several months. She's a picture of perseverance and her words came to me in the middle of a good cry this week.

That good cry is behind me. I've "mourned" the miles upon miles of being poured into a race that isn't going to happen this weekend. (sounds so dramatic!) I've run that first mile post-surgery and for the first time since April 1st, when all of the medical issues began.

And I'm thanking God for the protection and healing He's given me - along with opened eyes, opened heart, and an amazing love that makes me want to, with joy and excitement for Him.

It's a slow and steady race, but it's all for Him.

I'm standing at a new start line.

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