Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mama On The Run: Digging Deep

2015's mantra has been to dig deep.

Little did I know how true these words would ring these last six weeks.

You all know the story - and if you don't, you can look for older posts regarding my medical issues that led to emergency surgery and canceled April races, including a marathon.

Today, I ran a half-marathon race for the first time since January. At six weeks post-Laposcopic surgery, I went in with a game plan to take it easy, run-walk, and not care about time.

But as the weeks went on, and the miles built up, I thought of some various time goals (it's the competitor in me!). First it was 2:15, then 2:10. And then at Mile 8, I was hopeful to break 2:10. Hubs stood by me and was my accountability. He made sure I took it slower and listened to my body.

We crossed the finish line in 2:06:27. It was my slowest half marathon to date. But it was my most meaningful. It had purpose. Redemption. Fight. Grit. But most of all, it was done for God's glory.

I thank Him for healing my body - and for giving me the opportunity to run and enjoy this beautiful sport.

I'm back - not in top form. But I'm back. Digging deeper. To God be the glory!

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