Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mama On The Run: The Hard Part

I'm not gonna sugar coat anything.

Running is hard these days. Physically hard. Not "I'm having a pity party and don't feel like running" hard. Nope. It's "I'm out of breath, have to take walk breaks, feels like I haven't run in ages" hard. 


It's been four weeks post-surgery. Five weeks since I had the terrible pain that led me to the tailspin of the emergency surgery.  

I know it takes time. (Believe me, I went through the struggling-back-into-shape-post-baby-tough-running...twice). 

But this is just plain hard. 

Hard knowing that the last time I ran a double-digit run was the last weekend in March, where I rocked out a 20-plus miler. 

Hard having to accept walk breaks during "easy" runs. 

Hard having to gulp through a slower pace. Even harder knowing I'll have to run through my slow-poke pace and accept running my slowest half-marathon in a few weeks when I toe my first start line since January. 

But I'm here. Running in the present and cherishing (as hard as it may be) every mile I get to run. Thankful that I'm able to reach that start line in two weeks after having to cancel two big races in April. Praising God for the body He's given me right now.

Hard sure is humbling, isn't it? 

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