Thursday, May 21, 2015

Preschool Grad

Yesterday seemed like September - Mackie's (last) first day of preschool......

And then we blinked and it was 8 months later, when we were celebrating the (last) last day of preschool with a special graduation ceremony.

Mackie Claire graduated from preschool last week. She sang and danced her way to the graduation ceremony, where she told us all that she wanted to be a swimmer when she grew up. 

It's bittersweet.

Christ Care has been our school home these last two years. She's received excellent instruction, love, and care from Miss Melissa and Miss Kristene and has made some pretty sweet friendships - most of which she'll have the joy of carrying out in the years to come between neighborhood and school friends as well as church friends. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again....

After the struggles and sleepless nights and concerns of whether or not we were making the right decision in allowing Mackie to go to preschool one more year, I can not be happier with our decision. So many people ensured us that we wouldn't regret it.

And we don't. It's been such an incredible year, I wish we could freeze time right now.

It's been a blissful year of memory-making, a more relaxed morning schedule (9 a.m. school start time has been nice!), and 365 more days to have my baby (mostly) at home, bonding with her brother and simply enjoying time under our roof.

We now enter this summer ready to make more memories and enjoy these last few months before another season of life begins - full-fledged school.

Kindergarten, here she comes. Look out, world!

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