Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chicago Get-Away

In just a few short days, Jack and I will celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. 

Ironically, Jack and I cheered for opposing teams while celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Go, Royals! 

About nine months ago we were looking into travel destinations to celebrate the big milestone. We thought we'd go big - a step up from our honeymoon trip to Fort Lauderdale. We looked into cruises. Into beach resorts. 

And then life happened. Medical and other bills took precedence over saving for a beach bungalow. We also remembered how we don't really like to fly long distances. Our bodies don't do well with the ups and downs of flying. We prefer short flights - ones that don't involve long lay-overs. 

I don't remember how it all went down - but in a span of hours, we settled on going to our favorite city, Chicago, for our anniversary get-away. It helped that our dear friends (Cubbies fans, like Jack!) mentioned the Royals vs. Cubs match-up at Wrigley Field.....and that we could reunite while we were there for the weekend. 
Our dear friends, the Bergmeiers - we had great seats and an even better time! 

Our dear friends, the Fishes, joined us for dinner at Giordanno's after the big game. 

We had GREAT seats - 14 rows up from third base line. And the perfect ending to the baseball game was a rainbow that appeared over Wrigley, right after the Royals secured the win. :)

We had a great weekend without the kids - reuniting with two sets of dear friends from our "old" days at GBC, taking in a great day of baseball at Wrigley Field (the Royals WON!), shopping all along Michigan Avenue, eating where we wanted, going to bed and waking up when we wanted, running and exploring the Lakeview/Chicago area, and more. 

Sure, the cold, rainy weather that swept through on Saturday (40s, 30 mph wind, rain all day) halted our second baseball game and put a damper on sight-seeing, but we were happy just being together - and not having to follow a kid schedule (or diet). 

Will run and work out for the donut truck....

Visiting the Bean in Millennium Park. 

What trip to Chicago isn't complete without the famous Garrett's popcorn? 

Running around the Lakeview 'hood, which took us to our favorite spots - Starbucks (for me!) and Wrigley Field (for Jack!).

This weekend was just what we needed - a leisurely few days to ourselves. And by Sunday, when we returned to the great state of Kansas, we were excited to see wide open spaces, breathe fresh air, see the sun shine, and squeeze on our kidlets, who were detoxing from four days/three nights at grandma/grandpa's house. 

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