Monday, June 29, 2015

Mama On The Run: Firecracker 5K & 1-Mile Recap

This past weekend, pretty much the entire family participated in our local Hutch Rec Race Series first event of the 2015 season - the Firecracker 5K & 1-mile. My rock-star of a hubbie continued his awesome "husband of the Hutch Rec employee and former race coordinator" duties as he was the lead cyclist for the 5K race.

As I indicated in my most recent post, this was the first time since creating the race in 2008 that I was able to actually run it for an official time. It's my first year easing out of the race coordinator position and getting into some other job duties, which means this year I could race one event of the HRRS - the Firecracker 5K. 

Being 11 weeks post-surgery, I didn't quite know what to expect. My heart and head said I could do the course in 24:00 and I wanted to place in my age group. My body said otherwise and that while I'm a lot closer to feeling back to my usual self, I'm still not quite there yet. 

I went out way to fast and it bit me in the bootie by the last half of the course - big-time. I always start out too fast, but this was way-too fast for my liking, especially since I hadn't been doing speedy races in the last several months and my training runs were reflective of this. I ran a 7:17 first mile (yikes!) and had to take two short, 10-second walk breaks to catch my breath the last 1.5 miles. Had I not started out so fast, I do think I could have gone 25:00 or a smidge faster, but alas, I didn't. Funny how you still learn after years of running and racing! 

I finished in 25:10, good enough for 47th overall finisher and 3rd place in my age group. And it's a good incentive and push to improve for next year (if I'm hopefully able to run it again!).  I LOVE local racing. So many fellow Hutch running mamas and's like walking into one giant local running hug when we all get to race in our hometown. (and it's nice not having to wake up an hour or two earlier than normal for driving time!)

Meanwhile, the highlight of the morning was running the 1-mile with Mackie. She and her daddy (have I mentioned how he's a rock star?!) have been working this summer on pacing and not going out so super fast, only to tank a few hundred yards later. She's grabbed hold of his teaching style and it paid off! She ran a very smart race (started out a bit too fast - like her mama!) but eased into a pace that she could handle. Mackie crossed the finish line in 9:50 - a PR!

And then there's poor Brax. At 3 1/2, he's not quite there yet when it comes to running an entire mile. However, Mackie was almost 4 when she ran her first 1-mile fun run. And you could tell Brax felt like he was missing out. So right after the race, I added him in our registration for an upcoming 1-mile fun run race later this fall.

Here's to training with my TWO little runners now!

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