Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mama On The Run: Peanut Butter Air


That's how I feel these dog days of summer when it comes to running. Regardless of what time in the morning I go out, I can't seem to get my breathing down in the heat and humidity.

We received a lot of moisture in these parts of Kansas in May and even into June. This equals humidity levels anywhere from 65-85%. Add to the scorching heat we're starting to experience (highs this coming week are in the mid to upper 90s), and it's just plain brutal for any runner out there.

I'm not gonna lie - it's been downright discouraging. I'm still not feeling 100% like my old runner mama self post-surgery (even though it's been 10+ weeks since surgery). Add the heat and humidity levels, and I'm slow. I take more walk breaks than I want to even admit. I start out feeling that this is going to be the day I finally conquer and adapt to the heat and humidity - only to find myself lowering my run-walk ratios.

I feel like molasses running through peanut butter air. 

But I'm out there. Despite my dismal and disappointing efforts, I'm slugging along. I remind myself that it's OK I'm going slower. It's normal to have a slower pace, more walk breaks, yadda yadda yadda, when the temps and humidity levels rise.

It still sucks (as does my breath as I'm gasping air mid-way through my long miles).

And while I keep working on my body adjusting to the heat/humidity levels (and hoping it adapts soon!), one thing I also have to remind myself is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I like water and love guzzling it down on these extra-hot days. But I've found that my miles seem to be a bit more bearable when I have some added oomph to them - as in my beloved NUUN sports energy tablets. I fell in love with the all-natural, low calorie tablets last May as I was getting bored with water and the usual go-to energy sports drinks just weren't cutting it for me. They were too sugary. Upset my stomach. And tasted more like syrup than water.

I love the simplicity of NUUN - and the flavors! Simply drop one tablet in 16 oz of water. Wait a couple of minutes and wahla, instant, healthy sports drink! I recently added their new product, NUUN Plus, to my drinks during and after long runs, and it's even more added oomph.

Stay hydrated, friends! And if you want to try out NUUN, do it! Check out their Website or you can also visit most running or biking stores to purchase a tablet tube in the flavor of your choice. My personal favorite is fruit punch, with grape a close second. The cherry limeade energy blend provides a great afternoon alternative to coffee, too. 

Here's to pressing on in the hot and humid miles!

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