Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We're Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come! Summer Vacay - Part I

There's something so special about carving out time to hit the road as a family. Just the four of us, exploring, playing, and having fun together for a few days without caring about the regular routines of the world.

Our family had planned on vacationing earlier this year during our OKC Marathon trip in April. When that didn't happen, Jack and I immediately knew where we wanted to go for a delayed summer vacay - Kansas City.

Last June, during our Hospital Hill race weekend, we had the opportunity to stay at the Sheraton at Crown Center. It was a beautiful hotel (complete with a rockin' fitness room and Starbucks - win win there!), and within walking distance to Crown Center. When we walked over to Crown Center, we were blown away with all of the kid fun to be had. There was Legoland, Crayola Discovery Center, Sea Life Aquarium, the list went on and on.

Fast forward to the vacation that didn't happen, and our KC back-up plan actually turned out to be the better plan all along! We spent the last four days/three nights at the Sheraton and exploring kid-fun that we hadn't explored before in Kansas City.

We kicked off our trip with a visits to Legends. There was some shopping for mama and Mackie, Cabela's for the boys, and Dave & Buster's for all of us. We had never been to DB before, and it didn't disappoint (never mind the fact that it was a much-needed cool-off with the 100+ degree feel-like temps outside!). 

The kidlets loved the games, but took particular interest in the games involving riding cars and bikes. 

Mama and daddy even played a game or two of pop-a-shot. I won't tell you who won.....

Perhaps our biggest treat of Legends was the ice cream (Brax was amazed by the cotton candy blue ice cream/gummy bear concoction at Coldstone) and the dinner at T-Rex Cafe. It was overpriced, the food wasn't great, but it was all about the experience and the kids. They were buzzing and roaring with excitement the entire meal!

Part II coming soon......

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