Sunday, August 2, 2015

KC Kidlet Vacay - Aquarium & the Escalator

We wrapped up our four-day KC kidlet excursion with a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium. The aquarium was connected to Legoland in Crown Center. Originally we had planned on visiting both places in one day, but Legoland provided many more hours of entertainment on Saturday. 

We adjusted our plans and instead of sweating it out (once again) in the great outdoors at Deanna Rose Farm (one of our favorite places!), we decided to enjoy the coolness of the aquarium indoors. 

We had fun, but I'll admit - it wasn't high on the top of our vacay list. It was a to-do, for sure, but not that we've been there, I can't say that we'll go again. 

It was a bit quieter on a Monday morning compared to a weekend, but it was still loud, almost too dark for two little kidlets, and Jack and I were ready to be done about 20 minutes into it. The kids enjoyed a full hour before they were done, too. 

They did have some great sea life and the kids had the chance to go in and out of little "bubbles" where they could go up into a hole and see the creatures close up, like they were part of the undersea world. They also had a small Octonauts area that the kidlets enjoyed (Brax especially), since he's a bigger fan of the Disney show. 

The common phrase was "Look, there's Nemo! Dori! Nemo's dad!" You can tell what movie is a huge hit in our house. ;) 

The final part of the aquarium included a small interactive area where the kids could sift throughs and and check out fossils. It entertained them for only 10 minutes and they were ready to go. 

Perhaps the biggest entertainment of the weekend was a ride that didn't involve long lines or money. All around us were escalators - from our hotel (where there were five!) to Crown Center, everywhere had the moving staircases. It took Brax some teaching, but by vacation's end he had mastered getting on and getting off. 

Before we hit the road, we let the kidlets ride the escalator a few times. An incredible concept, I tell ya! 

I really enjoyed vacation this year. Maybe it was the kidlets' ages and how they're so excited to do just about anything. Maybe it was taking off a few days after a long, hot, busy summer. Or maybe it was because it was a quick road trip away and we could get home easily and back to a routine. I don't know, but it just worked out so well and fun was had by all.

We're excited to go back to KC!

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