Saturday, August 1, 2015

KC Kidlet Vacay - Royal Heat

Daddy's special vacay day came last Sunday, when we headed out to Kauffman Stadium to take in a Royals baseball game. We love baseball. Love the Royals. It's even more fun when the lovable losers you've followed your entire life are now lovable winners. 

This was Braxton's first Royals baseball game. When we parked, he excitedly proclaimed:

"You mean all of these people are here for my first Royals game?!"

Have I mentioned how much he's like his daddy in the charm and quick wit department? 

We walked around, taking in the beautiful sites and fountains of the K and made sure to pick up Brax's First Game at the K certificate. 

And then we found our seats. Back in May, when I scored these great seats for a fraction of what they were going for nowadays, I thought I was going to wife/mom of the year. We were in left field, a row above Alex Gordon's head. Of course, Gordo went down injured a few weeks ago. And of course, in true July fashion, it was sunny, no breeze, hot, and humid. The feel-like temps during the game ranged between 108-112 degrees - and we felt every degree of it with the turf's scalding heat radiating off of us. 

By the second pitch of the first inning, both kidlets were asking to go home. Sigh. 

We did all we could - lots of water, cold washcloths around the necks, ice in ball caps. But the only thing that really worked was visiting the air-conditioned Hall of Fame museum about every other inning. Thankfully, the museum was a quick walk up the steps from our seats. 

While inside, the kidlets hung out with KayCee (the guy who holds out the W and hangs it up on the scoreboard after every Royals' win). They big hit, though, was the broadcasting box. I enjoyed this, as I could actually watch the game from the screened-in window, and the kids had fun "broadcasting" the game from their microphone. 

And....because we had talked up the base running (albeit days before this game when we were watching the Royals from the comforts of our AC'd home)....the kids wanted to stay and run the bases post-game. We couldn't say no. It was a kidlet "bucket list" item - and daddy was pretty pumped to run the bases of a Major League ballpark, too. 

We walked up to the very top of the first base line and peered down at the line of thousands of kids, spiraling down below us. We had been sweating it out since 11:30 a.m., so why not another hour of fun?! 

 Both kidlets ran the bases hard - Mackie wanted to go again because she said it went "too fast."

And after all of that.....6 hours of heat and humidity, hot dogs and popcorn, buckets of water and ice, lots of walking and running, and a big Royals was our blissful sight not five minutes after we loaded up the car.

It was the perfect way to spend Day #3 of vacay. But wait, there's more coming......

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