Thursday, August 13, 2015

Six is Splendid!

Happy 6th birthday, Mackie!

I love celebrating my family's birthdays - especially now that the kids are old enough to really enjoy their birthdays and live up the entire day. I took a vacay day to spoil my little 6-year-old...and the day did not disappoint!

We kicked it off with presents - first things first! Clear back in late February/early March, a mama friend tipped me off on a great steal of a deal going on with the American Girl dolls. Mackie was given a Biddy Baby when she was born and it wasn't until recently that her love of dolls and babies really took off. She had been talking for months about an American Girl doll, so when the deal came up, I snatched it and hid the doll in our closet for five months. 

You can imagine the excitement for both of us when she opened that beautiful pink and cornflower blue box - she was thrilled! It's a My American Girl Doll, with blonde wavy hair and blue-green eyes and a few freckles, just like Mackie. 

Mackie named her Caroline and she's the proud big sis of Biddy Baby Asha (whom Mackie also named). 

Other gifts included a high chair with snacks and food for Caroline (compliments of brother Brax, who saw the seat in Target and thought Mackie would like it for her doll!), and a cute canvas that a sweet gal in college ministry painted. She and Mackie love the new Cinderella movie that came out this past spring and so she took the common phrase from the movie: Have Courage and Be Kind and painted this beauty. 

Mama stepped up her breakfast game and, by request, made homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. 

And we then went about our Mackie day - all things Mackie, all day long. Highlights included:

* Trip to Dillon Nature Center - really for the walk over the big, big, big bridge. 

 * Lunch at the Mustard Seed in Buhler with grandma/grandpa.

* Swimming at Salt City Splash, which also included Mackie going off the high dive and the red drop slide for the very first time (yay!).

* Dinner at Ken's Pizza (where she's a whopping .40 cents more now that she's a year older).

 * And last but certainly not least....a surprise waiting for her in the garage, compliments of grandma/grandpa. It's a big-girl Trek bike with a "kick-stand, mom! a kick stand!"

What a fun day celebrating! Love these special days and moments. It's been a great Day #1 to being's to a fun 364 days more!

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