Saturday, August 8, 2015

Special Mama-Daughter Date

I had been dreading turning the calendar to August. 

This says a lot for the type-A, love to flip the new calendar over, color coordinating schedule girl. 

It's just that summer went to fast. And Mackie is soon turning 6 years old. And then starting kindergarten two weeks later. 


Post-vacay I took the leap and did it. I gulped down some coffee and turned the calendar to find out that every weekend from now until school starting was filled. Which meant the special school supply shopping day - the day I've been dreaming about for every July-August since Mackie was born (so I could justify my annual self school supply shopping), was going to have to come early.

On the last day of July, I told Mackie to put on a cute little dress and she and mama were going to have a special date. 

We started with lunch - Mackie's choice - at the Mustard Seed in Buhler. And since both of us were starving, we started lunch with cookies and milk while we waited for our "real food" to arrive. 

We then hit Target's back-to-school aisle, kindergarten school supply list in hand. Most of our items were pretty basic - crayons, glue sticks, binders, but the big item she picked out on her own was her owl lunchbox. I can't wait to pack her lunches and write her encouraging notes this school year! (remind me this if I complain about lack of time as the year continues on packing said lunches)

We had a great day shopping, lunching, and simply being together - mama, daughter, and our cute striped coordinating dresses. 

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