Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Bucket List - August Edition

We hit the ground running (and biking) in August!

After a hectic June filled with lots of bucket list items and Hutch Rec activities/classes, followed by a July filled with swim team and swimming lessons and a late vacation, we have been enjoying the long, August days to the fullest (with a 6th birthday celebration or two - or three! - thrown in there for good measure!).

* Biking & Running: Our days and weekend have been filled with running and lots of bike riding. We're spoiled with a beautiful trail right across the street from our neighborhood, so our (almost) daily to-do is bike around the 'hood and then hit the new trail to visit either our church playground or the school playground. 

* Race Helpers: Although I've passed the baton off from most of my Hutch Rec Race Series coordinating duties, Jack and I are still assisting as needed in this transition year. We woke up bright and early to help with the Salty Dog Triathlon, and my favorite Salty Puppers joined in to cheer on papa, who was competing, and help mama and daddy out with race details. Our kidlets will always be race series helpers with their mama in the rec business! 

* School Prep: We've spent a good deal of this month preparing for Mackie to head off to kindergarten. She spruced up her look with a fresh, new haircut and already is looking in her closet for that perfect first day of school outfit come Sept. 1st. 

* First-Time Races: Brax ran his first official race as a part of the unique (and fun!) Kansas 811 run. It was an 811-foot dash, followed by a 1.5-mile run that we did. Mama, meanwhile, did an 8.11K run at 8:11 p.m. It was a first-time for the entire family and a race that definitely was fun and memorable! (mainly because we capped off our night of running with a stop at the Donut Whole in Wichita)

* And the last item on the bucket list....Camp-Out: Jack promised the kidlets that he would take them camping "out" at his folks' house in the country. They were ecstatic when it finally happened this past weekend - and mama was spoiled with alone time for an entire 18 hours! Jack packed up the tent and sleeping bags and they all headed to the grocery store to purchase their dinner: hot dogs, s'mores, and Doritos (their choice since mama wasn't around!), plus daddy couldn't help but pack a few bananas in there, too, to keep it somewhat healthy. They lasted until 11 p.m., when they finally couldn't take it any more because (get this!) was TOO LOUD! (ha!) They claimed the crickets kept them up, along with some nasty chiggers. Off they all went inside to grandma/papa's house, where they enjoyed sleeping in beds and couches and waking papa up much too early at 5 a.m. :)

Our summer bucket list is complete! And now....we wait. Sept. 1st is a-coming, Mackie's first day of kindergarten. Until then, we're savoring every moment with her at home. We're all starting to feel it - Brax keeps asking when Mackie is going to school, Mackie gets weepy and excited at times talking about school starting, and that sad pit in my stomach is starting to stick instead of coming and going. I'm working through the words and emotions that are going through our family's hearts and minds right now. 

Ultimately we're excited for this new chapter - but sad that another one is closing. More on back-to-school to come!

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