Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Bucket List - June Edition

Each summer we sit down as a family and create a bucket list of items we want to conquer in the 8-10 weeks we have as a family. This summer was even more special, as it was the "last" one we had with Mackie before she started kindergarten. We wanted to make our time together purposeful and create as many memories as we possibly could before the back-to-school routines started - and to break up the monotony of the long and hot days.

This summer did not disappoint! It's been my favorite summer to date - mostly because we simply enjoyed our time together as a family, having adventures and yet also staying close-to-home in many of our fun activities. 

Here's the June run-down of what we accomplished on our summer bucket list:

* Summer reading program: The kidlets enjoyed going every other week to the library as they checked off their summer reading goals. They walked away super heroes - complete with capes, coupons, and certificates of being Super Summer Readers!

* Swimming at grandparents' house: despite a delayed start to summer, we hit the pool for the first time in early June and didn't look back! We spent 3-5 days/week here this summer - and will continue frequenting the Preston pool as often as we can until they close 'er down for the summer in late September.

* Fishing: My co-workers have a pond at their house and have graciously invited us to fish whenever we would like. Jack took the kids a handful of times in June. Again, the fishing experience did not disappoint! Brax took grand prize as the fisherman in the Conkling house this summer. The kid walked away each time catching at least 3-5 fish per outing. The only problem? He now expects to do this every single time!

* Sno-cones and t-ball: This was our only summer to enjoy both kidlets being on the same sports team. They both played for the 6U GBC church t-ball team for Coach Daddy. Those first few games in June were especially hot, so it was post-game sno-cones for special treats! Go-to flavors this year - wedding cake with cream for Mackie (mama's personal fave, too!), and green sour apple for Brax.

* Pirate treasure hunts: Both kids had lots of "down time" in the morning this summer. We did this with full intention on letting those little creative spirits of theirs go wild. Often times we'd find the kidlets in the basement making maps out of old rolls of wall paper (so they could roll the maps up when they were finished) and then hiding treasures throughout the house. Jack and I would then help them hunt for the treasures. 

* Indoor tent-making: The kidlets begged us to spend the night on the floor in Mackie's room underneath a homemade tent one night. Sure, why not?! We were surprised that they actually made it through the night sleeping!

 * Swim team: Mackie started swim team in mid-June. It was cold at times, but the little miss was a trooper and hung with the much-older big kids throughout the summer. Twice a week, an hour each morning, she powered through and learned the ins and outs (and strokes) of what it takes to be on a swim team. It was a great experience and she found out just how much she loves the breaststroke - and I had a small glimpse of what my grocery bill will look like in the next few years when my kids are super active and hungry all of the time!

These were June highlights - but there's more to come in the July and August reports!

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