Thursday, August 13, 2015

To My Mackie Claire on Her 6th Birthday

My dearest daughter, Mackenzie Claire,

Happy Birthday! Today you're six years old - six! How does time fly by and stand still all at once?

We have packed so much fun in your last 365 days as a 5-year-old. You learned how to read. You learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. You lost two teeth. I could go on and on with all of the milestones we faced together this past year.

Now you're more than just a handful (in age) - you're a handful plus one finger!

This past year you've grown - in more ways than up. You pack quite the punch in your 48 inches and 50-pound long and lean muscle frame, my sweet baby girl. You're my mini-me in so many ways - it's as if I'm looking into a constant mirror.

You talk - a lot. You use your hands when you talk - a lot. You wear your heart on your sleeve - a lot. You like to lead others - a lot. You obsess over the details and want to be in the know - a lot.

You love Jesus. And are starting to ask why others don't believe in God. You want to invite them to church, to have them hear God's Word, and I love your heartfelt prayers that you whisper at night and throughout the day. It's a joy seeing those wheels in your mind turn and we pray the Holy Spirit is continually softening your heart.

You love being with others. It's so fun to hear you giggle and chatter a mile a minute when you're amongst your friends.

You love dancing in the living room - dance parties are a common request.

You love being a big sister. It's such a joy to hear the stories and games that you and Brax come up with. I'm sure going to miss the non-stop chatter when you go off to school in a few short weeks!

You love running and biking and swimming - pretty much anything that involves movement. You've learned how to pace yourself while running and can run 2 miles easily. You also love biking and enjoy going along the trail. You've become quite the swimmer this summer, too. And competitive? Dare I say that you take after both your mama and daddy on that one. :) While you tolerate t-ball, you really like basketball and hitting the volleyball around - and let's not forget soccer (again, because of the running involved).

You love dressing up, playing with your dolls, being "mommy," playing school, playing house - anything that uses that amazing mind of yours, baby girl. You're often times found coloring, drawing, and "writing" stories. And you've taken a liking to reading books - especially now that you're starting to read yourself. I love seeing your creativity come to life.....and I pray that the creative spirit never goes away.

Baby girl, I pray that you use your 6th year of life to God's glory. That you continue to love, continue to be a friend, continue to dream, continue to grow, continue to compete, continue to serve, continue to obey and listen, continue to help, continue to create, continue to use that sass, spunk, and spirit all for Jesus. Because He's the reason you're here.

Happy 6th Birthday, my sweet Mackenzie Claire. Love you, love you, love you!

To the moon and back...


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