Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st Day of Kindergarten - One More Look Back.....

We awoke to bright eyes and big smiles as it was Mackie's turn for school - her first day of kindergarten! She's been planning to a T what she was going to wear, what she wanted packed in her lunch, you name it, and she had it planned down to the purple socks she was going to wear with her pink Converse. 

After mandatory pics, we enjoyed a delightful walk down the street to school....

....and then hit the front doors. Tears started flowing. The same tears I have been fighting for weeks. The same tears that had become a big lump in my throat in recent days. I was that mama bear. Quite silly, because I'm oh-so excited and happy for my spunky little girl. Excited for all of the adventures she has ahead. Anxious for 3:30, when she gets off the bus and can tell me all about her stories from the day. 

It's just different. And change is hard for this mama.....even when it's for the better. So I clung to every picture, every hug, and that last look back from the carpet before she started her school adventures.

Mackie Claire, You're on my heart all day, every day. I wonder what you're doing right now, what new friends you're making, how well you're listening, what you're learning - and if you remembered to take your water bottle to lunch with you. I pray for your spunky spirit and sweet heart - that you're a kind and loving friend, respectful to your teacher and others at school, and that you let your light shine for Jesus as you glorify Him throughout the day. 

Now for 3:30 p.m. to get here...... :)

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