Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Preschool Beginnings - Brax's 1st Day

Brax's big day finally arrived - it was his turn to go to school!

After two years of watching his big sis dropped off at Christ's Care Preschool, it was time for it to be his school, not hers. He was all smiles and couldn't wait to take pics in front of our traditional "growing up" tree in the front yard. 

In case you can't see that pic, Brax wants to be a cowboy and basketball player when he grows up. :)

Before the big day, barber daddy pulled out all of the tricks to give Brax a haircut. Brax isn't a fan (at all) of having his hair cut - so it usually involves bribery of some sort. Last night, it was the Royals, where he could watch his favorite player, Moose (I'm not convinced Brax just doesn't love Moustakas because his nickname involves an animal). 

Brax happily marched off to preschool and left mama in the dust. He has two good friends in there, plus a few neighbor friends and other new friends that I can't wait for him to make.

He was still all smiles at pick-up a few hours later and gave me the run-down of the morning's happenings. Highlights included:

  • Learning all about the letter B - "my name starts with B!"
  • Going on a bear hunt - "It was a white small bear named George!"
  • Eating graham crackers and juice for snack time - "It was oh-so yummy!"
  • Building a castle with his buddy, Clark - "We were the only ones building it!"
  • And convincing mama to get a sucker for a post-school treat - yes, I'm the sucker here. ;)

Braxton Cade, I pray that you let that little fiery heart of yours shine for Jesus and glorify Him in all that you do this school year. I pray that you honor Jesus by obeying your teachers, making new friends, and learning to be kind and loving with all of the kids in your class. Love a lot, learn a bunch, and have fun!

Love you to the moon and back,

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