Friday, October 16, 2015

Four is Fun!

On Tuesday, our little buddy turned four. Weepy mama blogged about how it didn't seem possible that my baby was this post is to tell you all about the FUN we had on Braxton's special day. 

So long 3......

Brax kicked off his day with preschool, where he couldn't wait to have all of the special jobs, pick a special friend, and serve his special homemade sugar cookies with green sprinkles (that mama pulled off at 10 p.m. the night before because she almost forgot.....whoops!). 

The day also included all things Ninja Turtles and cowboys - thank you friends and family for the wonderful gifts from his birthday party!

It involved a special Taco Bell lunch date and delivery to daddy's school, cake for after-nap/after-school snack, and Chili's for a corn dog and chips and salsa for dinner. Can you tell we love food in the Conkling house?! 

Brax's biggest surprises came at the end of the day with more gifts. Mackie surprised him with a Leonardo turtle figure, while daddy and mama spoiled him with Ninja Turtle Lego set, a Ninja Turtle costume for Halloween, dominoes, and a new Ninja Turtle helmet to go with.....

....his new big boy bike from grandma and grandpa! Gone are the days of the little 12-inch bike, where his poor knees knocked almost every time he pedaled. Now we're really zooming throughout the neighborhood and to/from school when we take Mackie several mornings a week.

Brax, you bring us such joy and it's a treat to spoil you and love on you all day long. Happy 4th Birthday, buddy! Four so far is really FUN!

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