Friday, October 16, 2015

Legos & Turtles

A few short hours after I crossed the marathon finish line (because mama's crazy like that!), we hosted family and friends over for Brax's 4th birthday party. 

It originally was a Lego theme - but you wouldn't have guessed it based on the amount of Ninja Turtle items little man received! (funny how quickly his interests change!)

We enjoyed a laid-back gathering including all things the little dude loves: lots of Kens Pizza, Kathie Girst cake, attention, gifts, and playing with cousins and friends. What's not to enjoy?! 

The extent of my decorating skills after running 26.2 miles. 
Between this and the lego doors, I thought it was genius - but I was probably delirious.

Our favorite part of the party - an actual Lego cake made by the famous Kathie Girst! 

Little dude made bank with Ninja Turtle and cowboy items. Now to make space for the new treasures.......

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