Friday, October 2, 2015

Mama On The Run: Call Me Crazy, But.....

I'm hosting 20-plus people at my house just hours after I cross the finish line of running 26.2 miles in the Prairie Fire Marathon next Sunday. It's two days before little dude's 4th birthday - and what better time to celebrate?

Yeah, I know. I'm crazy. But here's the deal:

  • It's the only weekend that worked for the majority of both sides of our family to get together. (aka: the ones who for sure want/need to be there - the grandparents)
  • I'm off the next day from work. (aka: I can take a nap then.)
  • I can use this taper week to furiously clean my house and food prep. (aka: taper time makes me crazy and I need to do something!)
  • It'll give me the perfect excuse to binge on pizza and the infamous Kathie Girst birthday cake. (aka: happy calories after a 26.2-mile adventure)
So yeah, I'm crazy. But I also think I'm a bit practical in getting it all out of the way on the same day. 

Because that's how I roll. (or run......)

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