Friday, October 30, 2015

Mama On The Run: Confessions of a Morning Runner

I super puffy heart....

....Daylight Savings fall-back time!

It's not because of the obvious. While that extra hour of sleep truly is a gift, it only works when you a: don't have children; and b: don't have small children who could care less about the time of day and spending an extra hour in bed.

No, fall-back time is my favorite because this morning mama on the run suddenly finds some extra spring in her step. It's been a long month of pre-marathon giddiness, the marathon itself, and the post-marathon slow-poke miles. It doesn't help that oh-dark-thirty is really-oh-dark-thirty. Even the slightest sliver of sun peaking through will provide a boost of much-needed energy these days.

So bring it, Monday morning. Because even though the days are getting shorter, my morning running routine became a bit more bearable - just in time for winter weather to hit.

Fellow morning runners, unite - happy running!

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